Retinal tear

Lima, Peru

Prof Mario de La Torre

Graduated as an ophthalmologist 32 years ago, in 1993 he obtained his Degree of Doctor of Medicine at the Julius Maximilians University of Würzburg Germany, with a mention in Ocular and Orbital Ultrasound, obtaining the Magna cum Laude qualification.

A very frequent reason for consultation is the vision of floating vitreous, especially in these times of pandemic, when we are all exhaustively using computer monitors or laptops when doing work at home.


Diagnostic option

<p>Diagnostic option</p>

Many times, this causes anguish to the patient because of what he is observing and is not usual as well as because of the risk of suffering a retinal detachment or vitreoretinal traction with peripheral tear.

In this case, the ability of the equipment to clearly define the vitreous opacities can be observed, as well as the band that pulls the retina, producing the retinal tear. 

The high definition of the Compact Touch® allows us to observe if the edges of the tear are elevated or not, a fact that will determine different therapeutic behaviors, as well as gives us a clear idea of the size of the tear and its relationship with the vitreous.

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