Premium YAG laser.  Setting the Standard of Care

The Ellex Ultra Q Reflex™ Neo by Lumibird Medical with leading-edge YAG laser technology is setting the standard of care in Ophthalmology for Nd:YAG Laser indications.

Key Features

  • Second-generation Reflex™ Technology
  • True coaxial, titratable illumination, (TCI™)
  • Extended posterior offset facilitating PROcap™ Premium Refractive Outcome Capsulotomy
  • Imprint™ dynamic heads-up display and smart joystick

3 reasons to choose Ultra Q Reflex™ Neo

Second-generation Reflex™ Technology

Featuring Ellex’s proprietary Reflex™ Technology, Ultra Q Reflex™ Neo can be used on or off-axis, utilizing True Coaxial Illumination (TCI™) to provide superior image contrast while maintaining important spatial integrity between important ocular structures.


Protect IOL’s with up to 2mm extended posterior offset

An extended Nd:YAG Posterior Offset facilitates PROcap™ – Premium Refractive Outcome Capsulotomy, with symmetric capsular opening, fewer iatrogenic floaters and maximal IOL protection [1, 2, 3].


Imprint™ Dynamic heads-up display & Smart Joystick

Ellex’s discrete Imprint™ - dynamic Heads-up display, combined with full control of energy settings and laser delivery from a dual function joystick, absolutely streamlines laser procedures. 

No need to avert attention from the slit lamp. 
COMPLETE Focus – TOTAL control.

<p>Ambidextrous controls&nbsp;<br>within&nbsp;<strong>easy reach at the slit lamp</strong></p>

Ambidextrous controls 
within easy reach at the slit lamp

Ultra Q Reflex™ Neo is ergonomically designed with the surgeon in mind.

Several features allow for easy handling of the device during treatment such as YAG Posterior Offset, precise control of Energy levels, Illumination, Aiming beam and Fixation intensity.  

Ultra Q Reflex™ Neo includes an intuitive, 10.1” capacitive touch-screen display having DICOM capability and remote service diagnostic support functionality.

Technical advantages of Ultra Q Reflex™ Neo

Model still available in some countries according to local registration: Ultra Q Reflex
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