The COMPACT TOUCH® ultrasound platform features the A/B modes, as well as the pachymetry. It benefits from a new generation of 15MHz probe with a resolution increased of 30%. 
Small in size, it will fit in any working environments, even the smallest examinations rooms.

Key Features

  • The 15MHz B probe that redefines the gold standard in B-mode imaging by bringing an outstanding image quality, for a better and quicker diagnosis.
  • Ultra-compact ultrasound system that further increases the working environment of the physicians, for a better user experience.
  • Connected, it will easily interface its data to your DICOM, EMR, or WIFI networks.

3 key points 
of COMPACT TOUCH® ultrasound

Uncompromised image quality

The COMPACT TOUCH® ultrasound allows you to obtain superior images quality with the 15MHz B probe allowing for a better visualization of the eye structures and the orbit.


A connected ultrasound platform

With a DICOM interface, the COMPACT TOUCH® ultrasound platform can now import (worklist function) and export (storage function) images, videos sequences, and patients reports to the PACS. 

Reports and image printouts are also possible either on a DICOM printer or a local printer with WIFI. 


A sleek and versatile design

With its sleek design, COMPACT TOUCH® ultrasound fits with all working environments.

To further increase working ergonomics around the patient, its VESA fixation system offers the possibility to be mounted either on a wall, on an articulated arm, or on a mobile trolley (optional). 


Find the appropriate probe 
for your needs

Take full advantage
 with a wide range of accessories

Arm kit for desk
Arm kit for trolley
Arm kit for wall mount
COMPACT TOUCH®'s trolley
Prager shell 17mm for adults
Prager shell 15mm for children
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Clinical cases by our experts

Because patient care is at the heart of our concerns, it is important to collect the experience of doctors who use our products.

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