Nd:YAG with optional 532 nm Photocoagulation

Fully integrated Nd:YAG laser indicated for YAG posterior capsulotomy and laser peripheral iridotomy, with intuitive user interface and variable illumination height, for the clearest view into anterior and posterior segments. 

Capsulo® is a versatile Nd:YAG laser platform combining photodisruption and iridotomy treatments with expansion capability for 532 nm Retinal Photocoagulation. Capsulo® can easily be transformed into an anterior and posterior laser platform when combined with Vitra 2®, in Single or MultiSpot Pattern Scanning configuration.

Key Features

  • Slit Lamp with high quality optics, designed and manufactured by Lumibird Medical
  • Dual height illumination-tower for clear view into anterior and posterior segments
  • Advanced two-point green aiming beam for rapid and precise tissue targeting
  • Continuously variable energy level with 3 Hz repetition rate & 4 ns pulse duration

3 reasons to choose Capsulo®  

Fully integrated laser technology

CAPSULO® is a Q-switched Nd:YAG laser, fully integrated into a purpose-built slit lamp, designed and manufactured by Lumibird Medical:

  • Ergonomic design
  • Discrete footprint 
  • Sleek aesthetic appearance

Wide ranging Anterior and Posterior offset 

CAPSULO® features a wide range of anterior and posterior offsets from 0 to +/- 500µm, providing safer targeting to avoid inadvertent IOL damage.


Multi-functional Laser Platform

A fully integrated glaucoma and cataract laser platform, Capsulo® easily combines with the Vitra 2 monospot or multispot photocoagulator, providing an all-in-one Laser solution

<p><br><br><strong>Intuitive software interface</strong></p>

Intuitive software interface

Thanks to its intuitive user interface, Capsulo® simplifies the implementation of the YAG laser treatments:

  • Easily accessible treatment parameters on both sides of the laser
  • Intuitive LCD touchscreen interface giving full control of laser settings
  • Ambidextrous control knobs at the slit lamp
  • Joystick fire control 

3 technological advantages of CAPSULO® 

Take full advantage 
with a wide range of accessories

Vitra 2 Laser Adaptor


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