• Complete and quick diagnostic to identify the origin of dry eye
  • 4 non-contact exams complying with the criteria of the TFOS - DEWS 2 report: NIBUT, interferometry, tear meniscus height, meibography
  • Additional exams: blepharitis and demodex imaging, bulbar redness, staining (BUT with fluorescein, corneal, conjunctiva and lid margin), pupillometry, white to white measurement, corneal deformation.
  • About thirty international grading scales are included in the software: EFRON, CCLRU, JENVIS, MEIBOGRAPHY, FERNING TEST etc.

Key Features

  • Diagnose the cause of dry eye earlier
  • Offer patients personalised and effective treatment from the first visit
  • Provide evidence of diagnosis and treatment results
  • Optimise post-surgery results (refractive, cataract) and the comfort of contact lens wearer

3 advantages of LacryDiag®

Easy and quick to use

LacryDiag allows the overall analysis of ocular surface through a series of non-contact examinations. 

The exams performed provide immediate results that can be easily interpreted, making it a fully delegable tool.


Added value for your clinical practice

Using LacryDiag in your current practice means extending your clinical offer to your patients. Thanks to this device, diagnose the cause of dry eye earlier and understand its origin to propose a more targeted and effective treatment.

LacryDiag allows to assess post-treatment results and to optimise post-surgical results (LASIK, glaucoma, cataract).


Improve your patient’s education and quality of life

LacryDiag ensures a quick and painless examination.

Thanks to its ergonomics, it allows you to easily educate your patients with very understandable images.

<p>An optimized interface&nbsp;<br><strong>for a quick examination</strong></p>

An optimized interface 
for a quick examination

LacryDiag provides an intuitive and easy to use software simplifying the examination process.

In order to optimize its use, LacryDiag offers an easy access to the different examinations, ensuring the realization of the 4 main examinations, NIBUT, interferometry, tear meniscus height, meibography, in only 4 minutes.

4 non-contact exams in 4 minutes

Take full advantage 
with a wide range of accessories

Examination table
Flying case


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