Neo laser range Premium YAG/SLT


Discover our new Neo laser range, 
premium YAG/SLT laser


Lumibird Medical announces the launch of their two next generation Nd:YAG/SLT lasers, the Ultra Q Reflex™ Neo and Tango™ Neo.

Following successful launch of its flagship product, the Tango Reflex™ Neo, in December 2022, Lumibird Medical today announced the launch of two additional variants within its premium Nd:YAG/SLT laser range, the Ultra Q Reflex™ Neo and Tango™ Neo.



Depending on your chosen product configuration, Neo allows performance of PROcap™ - Premium Refractive Outcome Capsulotomy; Selective Laser Trabeculoplasty (SLT), for the treatment of Primary Open Angle Glaucoma and Nd:YAG Laser Peripheral Iridotomy procedures.  

Enjoy an optimal clarity of view from second generation  Reflex™ technology with True Coaxial Illumination (TCI™).  TCI™ provides a uniform, clear and titratable red reflex across the entire width of the pupil. 

The Neo premium laser range has several key features, contributing an advanced standard of patient care. These include:

  • Second generation Reflex™ Technology with True Coaxial Illumination™
  • Imprint™ dynamic heads-up display and smart joystick with real-time visual feedback of energy control 
  • Laser cavity Active Cooling delivering the industry best optical breakdown of 1.4 mJ in air.
  • Precise twin, 8 μm green aiming beams, (Nd:YAG mode) and an homogenous 400 μm red SLT aiming beam.

Find out more about each product configuration: